Adolf Munkel Trail

The Adolf Munkel Trail in Villnöß (Val di Funes) is an easy hike that takes you to the foot of the Geisler (Odle) Peaks in the Dolomites. From Zanser Alm, the trail slowly ascends along a small stream with views of the Geisler Group. You’ll quickly understand why the Dolomites are called the Pale Mountains. 

Hiking the Adolf Munkel Trail, Geisler (Odle) Peaks, Dolomites | Moon & Honey Travel

After hiking beneath these impressive peaks, the trail leads you to a high alpine pasture. Cows, donkeys and horses might greet you as you hike to the mountain hut Gschnagenhardt Alm (Malga Casnago), elevation 2,006 meters. Here, you can relax outside, order lunch, drink a beer, and interact with the animals. From here, you’ll hike through forest and end up at Dusler Alm (Malga Dusler), where you’ll find another mountain hut. After passing through Dusler Alm, the trail descends to Zanser Alm (Malga Zannes).

Gschnagenhardt Alm, Adolf Munkel Trail, Dolomites | Moon & Honey Travel

Gschnagenhardt Alm

Adolf Munkel Trail Map

Adolf Munkel Loop Trail Map, Dolomites | Moon & Honey Travel

Adolf Munkel Loop Trail Map (source: Vilnöß trail map)

Adolf Munkel Hike Summary

Trail Name: Adolf Munkel Trail

Trail Numbers: 6, 35, 36

Nature Park: Naturpark Puez Geisler (Parco Naturale Puez Odle)

Italian Province: South Tyrol. Autonome Provinz Bozen – Südtirol (Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano – Alto Adige)

Starting Point: Zanser Alm (Malga Zannes) parking lot

Ending Point: Zanser Alm (Malga Zannes) parking lot

Points of Interest: Geisler (Odle) Peaks, Gschnagenhardt Alm (mountain hut), Dusler Alm (mountain hut)

Parking: 5 EUR

Hiking Time: 3 – 3.5 hrs

Distance: 8.8 km

Experience Level: Beginner

Adolf Munkel Trail, Geisler (Odle) Peaks, Dolomites | Moon & Honey TravelTrail Directions

  1. Take trail no. 6 towards Tschantschenon (Ciancenon) until you reach the bridge.
  2. Cross the bridge and follow the Adolf Munkel Trail no. 35.
  3. Take trail no. 36 to Gschnagenhardt Alm (Malga Casnago) and Geisleralm (Rifugio delle Odle). We recommend eating at Gschnagenhardt Alm.
  4. Continuing hiking trail no. 36 to Dusleralm (Malga Dusler). You’ll find another lovely mountain hut here offering refreshments and meals.
  5. Walk through Dusleralm and continue your descent in the direction of Zans (Zannes).
  6. When you reach the road, you’re about 10-15 minutes away from the parking area.

Adolf Munkel Trail, Geisler (Odle) Peaks, Dolomites | Moon & Honey Travel

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Hiking the Adolf Munkel Trail in the Dolomites | Moon & Honey Travel

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