Mayrhofen is a beautiful town in Zillertal Valley in Tyrol (Tirol), Austria. With numerous shops, restaurants, and hotels, you’ll have plenty of dining and accommodation options to choose from during your stay. Because of its central location, Mayrhofen is also a popular base in the Zillertal Alps in summer. You can easily reach the most stunning hiking destinations in Zillertal by public transit. So, if you’re traveling through Austria without a car, this is definitely a place you can explore easily. We visited Mayrhofen for a few days before we started the Berlin High Trail (Berliner Höhenweg), a hut to hut hike in the Zillertal Alps. 

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How to get to Mayrhofen in Zillertal Valley (via Public Transit)

The easiest way to get to Mayrhofen is to take an ÖBB train to Jenbach Bahnhof. From Jenbach, take the Zillertalbahn (Zillertal Train) to Mayrhofen in Zillertal (called Bahnhof Zillertalbahn in Google Maps). The bus station in Mayrhofen is located just outside the train station. You’ll come back here, whenever you need to hop on a bus to get to hiking or walking destinations in the region. 

Where to Stay in Mayrhofen

Alpenhotel Kramerwirt - best hotel in Mayrhofen, Zillertal Valley

We stayed in the 4-star Alpenhotel Kramerwirt, a family-run hotel in the center of Mayrhofen. It’s a convenient 4-minute walk from the train/bus station. This traditional Austrian hotel exhibits a high standard of hospitality, food, and comfort. We loved the spaciousness, light, bedding, and design of our “Superior Room.” We rarely spend time in hotel rooms, but we couldn’t resist reading on the balcony and taking an afternoon nap in our sunkissed bedroom. In the evenings, guests are treated to live music by local bands and ensembles. During our stay, a men’s vocal group performed outside during dinner. Another reason to stay at Alpenhotel Kramerwirt is their phenomenal breakfast buffet. We’re still dreaming about it. 

Look for accommodation in Mayrhofen.

Where to Eat in Mayrhofen

Hotel Neue Post – This hotel and restaurant is a 2-minute walk from Alpenhotel Kramerwirt. This is the best place to eat traditional Tyrolean food. 

Konditorei Kostner – This café and patisserie in Mayrhofen is the place to go for coffee and cake. It’ll be difficult to make a decision, as there are so many cakes to choose from. 

Butcher Hans Gasser – If you find yourself in need of a quick, casual lunch, head to Gasser. We came back twice for their Schnitzelsemmel. 

Things to Do in Mayrhofen in Summer


  1. Hike to Olpererhütte
  2. Walk around Speicher Zillergründl to Hohenau Alm
  3. Hike to Plauener Hütte 
  4. Visit Stilluptal Valley
  5. Hike the Berlin High Trail 

Hike to Olpererhütte

Olperer mountain hut / Olpererhütte Day Hike - Things to Do in Mayrhofen in Summer

With unforgettable views of Schlegeisspeicher (also written: Schlegeis Stausee) Reservoir, the Olpererhütte (Olperer Mountain Hut) is a deservedly popular destination in the Zillertal Alps. Whether you’re dreaming about that Instagram-famous suspension bridge or having an epic lunch view, Olperer mountain hut will likely exceed your already high expectations. 


How to Get to the Olpererhütte Trailhead by Transit

Take bus 4102 to Schlegeisspeicher reservoir from the Mayrhofen Bahnhof Train/Bus Station. There are about 7 buses that depart each day, starting at 7:55 a.m. (as of Summer 2019). Take the earliest bus you can. We paid 9.20 EUR per person for a one-way ticket. The ride lasts about 50 minutes. 


How to Get to the Olpererhütte Trailhead by Car

You can also drive directly to the Schlegeisspeicher reservoir. From Mayrhofen, drive in the direction of Ginzling. You’ll drive the 13.3 km Alpenstrasse Schlegeis road to the reservoir. This alpine road is usually open from mid-may until late-October. There’s a 12.50 EUR toll per car (8.50 EUR per motorbike), which you’ll pay near Gasthof Breitlahner. Note: there’s no additional fee for parking. I recommend driving, if you don’t want to worry about catching the bus back to Mayrhofen, as the last one leaves at 18:00 (as of Summer 2019).


How to Reach Olperer Mountain Hut

  1. Schlegeisspeicher – Olpererhütte (1.5 hours to the mountain hut via Trail 502)
  2. Schlegeisspeicher – Friesenberghaus – Olpererhütte (4.5 hours to the mountain hut via Trail 532 )
  3. Schlegeisspeicher – Olpererhütte (4.5 hours to the mountain hut via Neumarkter Runde)

We recommend hiking to Olperer mountain hut via Friesenberghaus (Option #2).

Read this Olpererhütte hiking guide for trail directions.

Walk around Speicher Zillergründl to Hohenau Alm

Hohenau Alm, Zillergrund - Things to do in Mayrhofen in Summer, Austria

Speicher Zillergründl is another large reservoir in the Zillertal Alps. Several trails begin at the reservoir, including the flat path to Hohenau Alm, known as the “Little Tibet of Zillertal.” If you’re traveling to Mayrhofen in summer with children, this trail is very easy and suitable for the whole family. 


How to Get to Speicher Zillergründl (Zillergrund Reservoir) by Bus

How to get to Speicher Zillergründl by Bus

Take Bus Line 8328 to Zillergrund Staumauer (Reservoir Wall) from the Mayrhofen Bahnhof. A one-way adult ticket costs 8.50 EUR (which includes a 1 EUR “Maut,” or toll). It took us 1 hour and 10 minutes to reach Speicher Zillergründl. 


How to Get to Speicher Zillergründl (Zillergrund Reservoir) by Car

If you’re traveling by car, you’ll pay an 8 EUR toll to drive to Zillergrund. Also, you’ll still have to take a bus to the Zillergrund Staumauer, as cars aren’t permitted. Park near Gasthof Bärenbad. And, hop on bus 8328 at Zillergrund Bärenbad bus stop. It only makes sense to drive here if you’re not based in Mayrhofen. When we arrived by bus at Zillergrund Bärenbad, there were tons of people waiting to get on the bus. And, there wasn’t enough room for everyone. Note: It is, of course, possible to walk from Zillergrund Bärenbad to the Zillergrund Reservoir, but be prepared for a 400+ meter ascent. 

Speicher Zillergründl Walk - Things to do in Mayrhofen in Summer, Austria

Hohenau Alm Hike Overview

  • Route: Speicher Zillergründl – Hohenau Alm
  • Distance: 4.1 km one-way (8.2 km return)
  • Difficulty: Easy 
  • Altitude Difference: minimal 
  • Time Needed: 3 hours 

From the bus drop off point, you’ll walk through a tunnel at first. Continue hiking along the reservoir. The path hugs the lake and will ultimately lead you to Hohenau Alm (1,863 m), the small Tibetan-style teahouse decked with prayer flags and prayer wheels. You can order snacks and refreshments here. If you ever wanted to try fresh “Buttermilch,” this is a great place to do it. Around the alm, you’ll see pigs, goats, and cows. 

Hike to Plauener Hütte

Plauener Mountain Hut Hike, Mayrhofen in Summer, Austria

Plauener mountain hut is perched high above Speicher Zillergründl in the Zillertal Alps. Follow the transit instructions in the hike above, as this hike also begins at the Zillergründl Reservoir. If you’re looking at a Zillertal “Wanderkarte” (hiking tourist map), this is the “Panoramatour im Zillergrund” loop trail numbered 12. 


Panorama tour in Zillergrund Trail Overview

  • Route: Speicher Zillergründ – Plauener Hütte – Hohenau Alm – Speicher Zillergründ 
  • Distance: 14 km
  • Difficulty: Moderate – Difficult 
  • Altitude Difference: 720 meters
  • Time Needed: 7 hours (with breaks)

Hiking above Speicher Zillergründl to Plauener Hütte, Zillertal Hiking, Mayhofen in Summer

From the bus drop-off point, you’ll walk through a tunnel. Upon exiting the tunnel, continue walking the flat path along the reservoir, until you see a trail that cuts left signed “Plauerner Hütte.” It takes about 1.5 hours to reach Plauener Hütte (2,363 m). You can grab food and refreshments here. Many visitors will return directly to Speicher Zillergründl from the hut.

However, if you’re looking for a longer day hike, continue along the Hannemannweg Trail in the direction of Heilig-Geist-Jöchl. You’ll hike along the Hannemannweg for about 3.6 km (1.5 hours). And then, you’ll descend via trail 517 to the Reservoir (signed Stausee-Zillergrund). Follows signs to “Staumauer,” This giant loop will ultimately lead you to Hohenau Alm. From here, it’s a 1-hour walk along the Zillergrund Reservoir back to the bus stop.

Visit Stilluptal Valley

Grüne Wand Hütte Austrian meal, Stilluptal, Austria - Mayrhofen in Summer

Stilluptal is a scenic valley in the Zillertal Alps. Apart from select shuttle buses and residents, there’s no traffic allowed in Stilluptal. So, if you’re looking for a peaceful walk in a scenic valley near Mayrhofen, this is it. 


How to Get to Stilluptal

From the Mayrhofen Bahnhof, you can take a “Linienbusverkehr Otto Kröll” shuttle bus to Gasthof Wasserfall. A round-trip ticket costs 7 EUR per person. A one-way ticket costs 5 EUR per person. Starting in mid-June, some buses go all the way to Grüne Wand Hütte. You can also take a direct shuttle taxi to Grüne Wand Hütte with the Gästewagen – Mietwagen Hermann Thaler. 10 EUR one-way / 14 EUR round-trip. It’s a bit confusing, so definitely ask your hotel for help. By car, you can drive to Gasthof Wasserfall (8 EUR toll), but no further. 

What to do in Stilluptal

  • Walk from Gasthof Wasserfall to Grüne Wand Hütte via the valley road and Stillup Reservoir (2.5 hours one-way)
  • Eat lunch at Grüne Wand Hütte.
  • Hike from Grüne Wand Hütte to Kasseler Hütte (2 hours one-way)

Trek the Berlin High Trail

Berliner Hütte, Berlin High Trail - Things to Do in Mayrhofen in Summer, Austria

The Berlin High Trail (Berliner Höhenweg) is a multi-day hut to hut hike in the Zillertal Alps, which begins and ends in (or near) Mayrhofen. It’s a challenging trek that requires alpine hiking experience, sure-footedness and a head for heights. Highlights of the trek include unsurpassable glacier and peak views, rustic and grand mountain huts, as well as demanding ascents and descents.

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Mayrhofen Summer Map

This Mayrhofen map shows all the destinations mentioned in this post. Orange markers signify destinations in the town of Mayrhofen. Red markers denote destinations around Speicher Zillergründl (Zillergrund Reservoir). Yellow markers signify destinations around Schlegeisspeicher (e.g. Olpererhütte). And finally, green markers denote destinations in Stilluptal Valley.

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