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Seeing an Opera at the Staatsoper (Vienna State Opera) is an essential experience to have in Vienna. The Staatsoper stages 60 different operas and ballets each season, amounting to 350 performances. The cheapest way to see the Opera is by buying a Stehplatz Ticket (standing room ticket), which costs 4 Euro. Stehplatz tickets are available on the day of the performance, which is great if you’re spontaneously planning your visit.


Where to get a Standing Room Ticket


Go to the standing room box office, located at the Staatsoper on Operngasse. The address of the Staatsoper is Opernring 2, 1010 Wien.  Simply walk around the building, until you see the standing room box office, which will look more like a waiting room than a ticket office. You can only purchase tickets for the people present in the ticket office (standing in line).

Where to get a Standing Room Ticket, Vienna State Opera | Moon & Honey Travel


When to get a Standing Room Ticket


Tickets are sold 80 minutes before the curtain time, but it’s best to get there earlier. We suggest getting in line 2 to 3 hours prior to the performance time. Upon purchasing your ticket, you get to enter the Opera House, and mark your “standing place.”


Where to Stand in the Staatsoper


There are two places that you can stand in the Staatsoper: the Stehparterre, which is directly behind the orchestra section, or the balcony. Definitely opt for the Stehparterre section, as the view is unbeatable. If you’re on the balcony, you won’t see the whole stage.

  • When you purchase your ticket, head straight to the Stehparterre section.
  • Just before the door to the Orchestra section, you’ll be asked to stand in line.
  • You’ll wait in a line, receive directions, and then you’ll be admitted to the standing room, where you can mark your place with a piece of clothing. Bring a scarf. 
  • Once you’ve secured your place, you’re free to leave, as long as you return 15 minutes prior to the curtain time.

Where to Stand in the Staatsoper, Vienna | Moon & Honey Travel


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How to get Stehplatz Tickets for the Vienna State Opera - Moon & Honey Travel


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