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Culinary Hiking Trails

Culinary Hiking Trails

We’re passionate about food and hiking. And when paired together, we’re in heaven. In the last few years, we’ve developed a love for hiking for food. We can appreciate the experience of hauling our own meals up a mountain. But how glorious is it to reward yourself with a delicious feast during a hike – one that you didn’t have to prepare? Or go on a wine tasting hike? As we travel the world, we’re actively seeking out the best culinary hiking trails. Culinary hikes are those that combine the art of food with the beauty of nature. Several hikes listed below are thematic culinary trails, while others are culinary hiking destinations. Read on to find out where you can embrace epicurean pleasures with the glorious outdoors.


This Guide Includes:

  • Culinary Hiking Trails in Austria 
  • Culinary Hiking Trails in Italy
  • Culinary Hiking Trails in Germany
  • Culinary Hiking Trails in Switzerland
Hiking Schladminger Tauern High Trail, Austrian Alps | Moon & Honey Travel

Austria Culinary Hiking Trails

Hochschwab Hike, Styria, Austria | Moon & Honey Travel
Hochschwab Summit - Schiestlhaus Hut, Hochschwab Group
Overnight Hike
Hochschwab mountain is the highest point in the Hochschwab mountain range in the Northern Limestone Alps of Austria. The dome-shaped mountain is a fantastic hiking destination for those seeking beautiful mountain scenery, wildlife viewings of ibex and chamois, and delicious food. You can hike to the summit and overnight in the modern mountain refuge, Schiestlhaus, which is located directly below the summit. The hut’s bright and cheerful interior offers a lovely place to dine. Most mountain huts in Austria only offer traditional food, but Schiestlhaus serves up the traditional fair alongside more fusion-styles. 


Where to Eat: Schiestlhaus & Häuslalm

What to Eat: Griesschmarrn, Käsespätzlespaghetti bolognese, sweet potato curry

Learn More: Hochschwab – Schiestlhaus Hike

Hiking Schladminger Tauern High Trail, Austrian Alps | Moon & Honey Travel
Schladminger Tauern High Trail
Overnight Hike
The Schladminger Tauern High Trail (Höhenweg in German) is an epic multi-day hike in the Austrian Alps. The trail runs along the summits and ridge lines of the Schladminger Tauern mountains and drops into idyllic valleys and alpine cirques. We hiked 5 stages of the trail, but it’s easy to shorten the hike and only tackle 1, or 2 stages. As you hike from hut-to-hut in this beautiful region of Styria, you’ll always have a delicious meal at the end of the day. Culinary highlights of this trek included the Kaiserschmarrn at Keinprechtshütte and the Schweinsbraten at Preintalerhütte.


Where to Eat: Ignaz-Mattis Hütte, Keinprechtshütte, Landwirseehütte, Preintalerhütte

What to Eat: Käsespätzle, Bauernpfandl, Schweinsbraten mit Kraut und Knödel, Goulash

What to Drink: Fresh Buttermilk, Schladminger Beer

Learn More: Schladminger Tauern Höhenweg

Tre Cime Natural Park, Drei Zinnen, Dolomites, Italy | Moon & Honey Travel

Italy Culinary Hiking Trails

The Dolomites
Tierser Alpl, Rosengarten Dolomites | Moon & Honey Travel
Tierser Alpl Schutzhaus, Rosengarten Dolomites
Day, or Overnight Hike
Tierser Alpl Schutzhaus (Rifugio Alpe di Tires) is an exceptional mountain hut located in the Naturpark Schlern – Rosengarten (Sciliar – Catinaccio Natural Park) in the Dolomites and makes for a great culinary hiking destination. Tierser Alpl specializes in Tyrollean cuisine with Mediterranean influence. To reach this mountain refuge, you’ll hike through the high alpine plateau Seiser Alm, to the mountain ridge Rosszähne (Denti di Terrarossa), and over the pass to the red-roofed Tierser Alpl. You can hike here for lunch, or better yet, stay the night. Imagine eating a delicious three-course meal with wine after a three-hour hike.


Where to Eat: Tierser Alpl Schutzhaus (Rifugio Alpe di Tires)

What to Eat: Speckknödel (dumplings with bacon), Rindstafelspitz mit Röstkartoffeln (boiled beef in broth with roasted potatoes) and any of their homemade cakes.

Learn More: Trail Details

Trail 101, Tre Cime Natural Park, Culinary Hiking Trails | Moon & Honey Travel
Büllelejochhütte, Trail no. 101, Tre Cime Natural Park
Overnight Hike
Büllelejochhütte (Rifugio Pian di Cengia) is a charming mountain hut that dishes up some mind-blowing food in Tre Cime Natural Park (Drei Zinnen). To reach this spectacular hut, take trail no. 101 from the famous Dreizinnenhütte. The mountain hut Dreizinnenhütte faces the north-side of the iconic three peaks – Tre Cime di Lavaredo – and also offers hearty South Tyrollean cuisine. The trail to Büllelejochhütte begins with stunning views of the two Bödenseen lakes (Lago dei Piani) and traverses a treeless rocky landscape beneath the mountain Paternkofel. Büllelejochhütte serves a three-course dinner for overnight guests. The quality and presentation of the meals exceeded our expectations. Seated in a cozy wooden dining space, dinner is served at a specific time, where all hut guests eat together. Amazing experience!!


Where to Eat: Büllelejochhütte, Dreizinnenhütte

What to Eat: Schlutzkrapfen (ravioli), Knödel (dumplings), Goulash

Learn More: Tre Cime Natural Park Guide

Geisler, Odle Peaks, Gschnagenhardt Alm, Adolf Munkel Trail, Dolomites | Moon & Honey Travel
Adolf Munkel Trail, Dolomites
Day Hike
The Adolf Munkel Trail in Villnöß (Val di Funes) is an easy hike that takes you to the foot of the Geisler (Odle) Peaks in the Dolomites. From Zanser Alm, the trail slowly ascends along a small stream with epic views of the Geisler Group. After hiking beneath these impressive peaks, the trail leads you to a high alpine pasture, where you’ll see a happily situated mountain hut Gschnagenhardt Alm (Malga Casnago). Here, you can relax outside, eat lunch, drink beer and enjoy the unparalleled view of the Odle peaks.


Where to Eat: Gschnagenhardt Alm (Malga Casnago)

What to Eat: Schlutzkrapfen (ravioli), Knödel (dumplings), Goulash

Learn More: Trail Details

Ahr Valley Travel Guide, Germany | Moon & Honey Travel

Germany Culinary Hiking Trails

Ahr Valley
Ahr Valley Travel Guide, Germany | Moon & Honey Travel
Red Wine Trail, Ahr Valley
Day Hike
The Ahr Valley (Ahrtal in German) is a region in Rhineland Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia that surrounds the narrow River Ahr. It’s also Germany’s largest red wine growing region. The best way to experience the Ahrtal is by drinking wine, and even better, by hiking the Red Wine Trail (Rotweinwanderweg) while drinking wine. We recommend starting the hike in Altenahr and ending in Dernau. While the region is famous for its reds, the Spätburgunder Blanc de Noir white wines were the ones that impressed us the most.


What to Drink: Spätburgunder (pinot noir), Dornfelder, Frühburgunder, Portugieser, Spätburgunder Blanc de Noir

Where to Drink Wine: Weingut O. Schell, Hofgarten Weingut Meyer Näkel,  Weingut Kloster Marienthal

Learn More: Ahr Valley Travel Guide

Appenzellerland, Culinary Hiking Trails | Moon & Honey Travel

Switzerland Culinary Hiking Trails

Appenzellerland, Culinary Hiking Trails | Moon & Honey Travel
Mountain Inn Äscher, Appenzellerland
Day Hike
Built into the side of the mountain, Berggasthaus Äscher is one of those places that romances you at first sight. This photogenic mountain guesthouse is a rewarding place to eat lunch after a strenuous hike in the Alpstein in north-eastern Switzerland. You can reach this mountain inn by hiking from Seealpsee (beautiful alpine lake), or by taking the Ebenalp Cableway up to the summit of the mountain and hiking down to Äscher (20 minutes).


Where to Eat: Berggasthaus Äscher. You can also buy cheese directly from the local dairy farms along the trail and have a picnic at Seealpsee.

What to Eat: Appenzeller Cheese, Rösti (hash browns). You can order Rösti with eggs, Appenzeller cheese (recommended), and bacon.

Learn More: Appenzellerland Travel Guide. Trail details are in the “What to Experience” section.

Appenzellerland, Culinary Hiking Trails | Moon & Honey Travel
Mountain Inn Bollenwees, Appenzellerland
Day Hike
Bollenwees is a mountain guesthouse and restaurant located at the fairytale lake Fählensee in the Alpstein. We recommend beginning this culinary hike at the Hoher Kasten tram station. From the summit, you’ll have an incredible panoramic view of the Rhine Valley, Appenzellerland, Lake Constance and surrounding mountain ranges. As the trail descends, you’ll have epic views of Sämtisersee lake, Fählensee lake, and the mountain Kreuzberge. When you reach Fählensee, reward yourself with a much-deserved Rösti at Bollenwees.


Where to Eat: Bollenwees

What to Eat: Appenzeller Cheese, Rösti (hash browns).

Learn More: Appenzellerland Travel Guide

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  • And just like that, we’re back in Vienna. In the last 3.5 months, we road-tripped through Montenegro, Albania and Romania. We lived in Istanbul for almost 2 months and dipped into Bulgaria for a wine festival. We’re happy to be back and we cherish all our new travel memories. These 3.5 months were the last chapter of 14 months of almost continuous travel. It’s time to process, reflect and write. There’s so much we want to share with you - lessons learned from long term travel, managing illness on the road: salmonella, E. coli infection and parasites (yes, all those scary things) as well as fun pieces on our favorite destinations. If you have questions about long term travel, unsexy topics like travel insurance, or anything else, reach out! Xoxo
  • We‘re wrapping up our Romania road trip with a visit to Corvin Castle (Hunyadi Castle). This Gothic-Renaissance structure is as much stunning as it is eerie. A torture exhibit is located near the draw bridge and tales of horrible deaths linger between the towers. Unfortunately, the interior is empty. There are almost no furnishings, so it’s hard to imagine Corvin as a place of residence. To break of the silence of an off-season visit, there‘s a haunting choral recording on repeat in the castle chapel.
  • Medieval towers, pastel hues, Christmas markets and elegant parks all fit together perfectly in Sibiu, Romania (aka Hermannstadt). #transylvania
  • Somewhere deep in Maramures, Romania. We spent the day hopping from one 18th century wooden church to another. These beautiful Orthodox structures are both whimsical and temperate. Inside, faded murals cover every surface, offering a glimpse of heaven and hell. The churches aren’t open, but there‘s usually a phone number to call to request to see the inside. This generally works well, though not always.
  • We’re in Northern Romania - close to the border of Ukraine - in a region called Maramureș. Traditional life is intact here and it’s a treat to witness. As we drove through rolling hills and rural villages, our eyes popped out at the site of well-preserved wooden churches, women in festive costume, and frozen streams. It’s enchanting, it’s beautiful and it’s hard to believe it’s all real. Photo of Barsana Monastery and our personal feline tour guide.
  • I’m (Sabrina) convinced that Disney cartoonists came to Romania for character inspiration. On our way to Cluj today, we saw women drawing water from wells (snow white style) and men steering horse-drawn wagons through colorful towns. Medieval villages are enlivened with a chorus of domestic geese, chickens and dogs. And, on every corner, someone looks like they’re going to hand out a poisoned apple. 🍎

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