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We’re an Austrian and an American couple, who met in San Francisco, lived together in Germany, and are now roaming the world together. We’re active travelers who love to hike, drink wine, go on road trips, and learn about new places. Wherever we go, we seek out local experiences and cultural understanding. We created this site to help you plan your next trip and to document the best culinary hiking destinations in the world.


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  • We spent the last 5 days hiking the Schladminger Tauern High Trail in Austria. This hike challenged us with its daily mountain ascents and rewarded us with epic scenery. On Day 1, we passed this stunning alpine lake, Brettersee.
  • An alpine ibex (Steinbock) grazing on a high alpine plateau in the Hochschwab mountains. These beautiful creatures live in the alps above the snow line. It’s such a gift to see them in the wild.
  • A slice of paradise in South Tyrol. When I’m (Sabrina) sick and stressed, this is the place I envision. In Naturpark Drei Zinnen, pale colored mountains frame jewel-colored lakes and our earth meets heaven. #dreizinnen
  • This sexy building is Schiestlhaus, the highest refuge in the Hochschwab mountain range in Austria. After summiting Hochschwab, we hiked down to this mountain hut for dinner and a bed. We were delighted by the cheerful interior and cuisine. #culinaryhiking #hikeforfood

We just published the hike details (link in bio). Take a look 👀
  • The Hochschwab Group is a mountain range in the Northern Limestone Alps of Austria. On a day like this, these sun-kissed mountains look violet. Simply stunning! It takes 4.5 hours to reach the summit from the guesthouse-restaurant Bodenbauer and another 30 minutes to the mountain hut Schiestlhaus, where we spent the night. Have you hiked in Austria?
  • We spent last weekend hiking in the Hochschwab Group in Styria. Our two-day hike was filled with gorgeous mountain vistas and plenty of wildlife viewing, including ibex and chamois. #chamois #gams

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